Custom Black Belts

Custom embroidered Daihido Belts for
different Kyokushin Karate Organizations and others Organizations, Shin Karate, Sokarate, Shotokan Karate and other Martial Arts School.
The price for one piece €75
For Organizations provides special prices!

We are present you a Daihido Black Belt.
All Daihido Belts is high quality!

Available in 40mm, 42mm or 45mm wide.
Embroidery color: Standard Orange(for Kyokushin belts), Golden brown, Silver and other.
Delivery time of this custom made belt will be 10-21 days.
With Full name Embroidery in Japanese (katakana) and dan stripes arround or front.
100% premium cotton.

Our partners is many Kyokushin Organization and other Martial Arts Organization  inEurope and around the World.

Price finished Belt with embroidery €75 include shipping to your region.
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