Hello Master!
Are you reached the level of a Master in Martial Arts?
Are you a Leader and people are ready to follow you?
Are you ready to create a School-Organization of Karate or another School of Martial Arts?
We will help You and Your colleagues!
We will help you decide on the name of the School-Organization and creat logos and other symbols of Your School.
We will make for you Certificates in traditional Japanese, Chinese, Korean, International style for master’s and student’s degrees
We’ll make Certificates for the right to teach at Your School(license)
We will create a website that will contain information about Your School-Organization
We will tell you how to promote accounts in social media
We will prepare all the necessary files for making Masters belts and embroidery – the name of the Organization and the name Of the owner of the belt.
Believe in Yourself and become a part of the history of Martial Arts!
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